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Human Rights

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HR Resource Center


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Alien Assimilation
Alienjigsaw: Hybrids
Aliens on Earth
American Resister
American Resister (Article-1)
Gods of Eden
Int Space Scienc

NASA-Lewis, Huey Lewis, & Madonna? Framed at NASA-Lewis Research Center CESS Spooks, Torture, and Harassment Control the News and You Control the Nation Public Access Investigative News! Celebrities and Human Rights! Wayne's World, Teresa's Tattoo, 
The Pelican Brief, Etc There is no System! Its Human Genocide! It's Not a Fair Game!  It's Human Genocide!
Comments, Suggestions, Etc Reader Responses BSMC(Before Sensored Mansue.Com) Book, CD, T-Shirt? Revisions? I'm only one man__on the streets!  Check the Notes! Fotos  and Foto Art! NYC, Chi-Town, LA, Celebrities Daily Notes from behind enemy lines! Articles and Observations about News events Mulder and Scully meet the CESS Alien 
Psycho-Path Race!
A Human Fed Employee Fired and Persecuted! Newark Courthouse, Decapitated Heads,  
And the Real Pelican! Castratrating Humans using Radiation is Murder(187) Baby Slaps Madonna with a Law-Suit! Engineering student from the Burbs of Jersey! Madonna, Colonel Kurtz, and Romance! 
Apocalypse Now!
Covenant with God? Not! Bivens Case Similarities? Federal Reference Cases Internet Censorship and Title-7, Retaliation by a Gov't Employer United States Code Annotated Evidence! not fabricated Facts! The Courts, Coded Docket Numbers, and Randomly Chosen Judges? Psychiatry, Religion, and Media = Alien
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