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Washington Statue(Newark) and Brooklyn Federal Court
Tentative Book Covers(1997)
The literary products available range from video tapes of the first and second public access tv program to the actual hard-copy of the site.
Since the site is so extensive and complete___a virtual fact filled encyclopedia containing information about the "cultural elite secret service", the "embeded alien race", and how they have corraled control of all the major institutions and resources in America(i.e., how America was "taken" by the Cultural Elite Secret Service).
A hard copy of the site is probably the best way to get a grasp at the seriousness of the material.
Surfing through the pages on the computer is one thing but a hardcopy in your hands is what is needed.

For those who are of the working poor or working class(soon this will be everybody who is not assimilated or disagrees with the CESS-Alien Agency; reference the movie "Freejack")___find a friend with a computer and printer and buy a ream of cheap white paper.
The hard-copy of the text and images is about 600 pages. Printing is tedious and the webpages are not optimized for hardcopy printing.

When I was in NYC living on the streets___I used the public library computer and laser printer in order to get a hard copy of the site(bless you NYC librarians for your kindness). I would bring my own paper and print about 50 pages a day.

All of this information(censored) is the result of framing a young engineering intern student from New Jersey(me) while he was employed as an intern for the U.S. Army Propulsion Directorate, NASA-Lewis, Cleveland___framed and then "taken down unfairly" because he was none other than "human"!

The only way a human being becomes cognizant of the CESS-alien race is basically by being contacted by the CESS-Aliens. They are that embeded in society. You probably work, play, make love with, and live with CESS-Alien units___and you think they are human?

They are impersonating humans and human behavior___they have no feelings or emotion and their agenda is____well, Marlon Brando said it best in the movie called "Apocalypse Now"___ "The Horror, The Horror!".

If you are contacted in a positive way you are either accepted as a human(left alone)___or assimilated into the CESS-Alien Agency___you basically become another collective, telepathic, scanning, borg head(the trade-off is that you loose your humanity!)

If, like the student in the story(me), you are contacted in a negative way___you are considered a threat to their Borg like system___and alien weaponry is utilized to torture, maime, and incapacitate you (the CESS term is Crucified)until the threat is neutralized___their game is to drive humans crazy using psychological and CESS-Alien Agency torture___if they can't get you to take your own life, they try and get you locked up as a lunatic or insane person, if that doesn't work they frame you and you get snuffed in jail or prison___the ultimate goal is to have the human be given the "penalty"___death! (Judy Resnick, Princess Diana, JFK Jr, Alan Pakula, Vic Morrow, Natalie Wood, John Belushi____to name a few off hand).

Those players in the game of hunting and chasing the human; are rewarded monetarily. This reminds me of the Hollywood movie "Death Race 2000". Death Race? Hmmmmmmm? What if we include the modifier "human"? Death Human Race 2000?

This is what is meant by "embeded" in American culture. If you are sensitized to the CESS-Alien Agency___then you can easily decode their messages(sort-a like a "Sixth Sense").
Look at the back of a One Dollar Bill! The facts are staring you in the face. What do you think that strange pyramid with the all-seeing eye symbolizes? No that's not Alexander Hamilton's family crest!

So, the hardcopy of the site is available. The price is reasonable and if enough orders are obtained we'll start printing.

Additionally, the video tapes of the first and second public tv programs will become available if enough interest is generated.

A rare foto of the Washington statue in Washinton Park, Newark, NJ
Rare, because all my fotos of Newark, NJ and NYC were stolen.

This foto is of particular interest since the NJ ACLU is about 50 feet south and RUTGERS LAW SCHOOL is about 200 feet west of the statue(In exchange for allowing the CESS-Alien Agency "take me down unfairly"___they got a new Law School Building on campus___ i.e., they sold out)

Both the NJ ACLU and Rutgers are Cultural Elite SS-Alien Agency.

What about SATAN Hall Univ?

Seton Hall Univ may say they're Catholics but their students all have those goofy alien ears!

Also, since I'm on the streets and being "taking down unfairly", I need sponsors and other forms of publicity. Sponsorship can be in many forms___monetary, human resources(computer html coders, printers, public relations and literary people, etc... (please, no borg-heads needed!), communication systems(phone cards, phone access, cell phones with alot of phone hours, fax access, etc...)___also, access to lazer printers, paper supplies, etc...

Publicity can range from simply calling your local tv, radio, and newspapers and inform them about the story(keep in mind that they are all owned and controlled by the CESS-Alien Agency___but you might find that there are still humans working at the smaller community papers, radio stations, and tv affiliates)___to promoting the various websites and pages that have info about my story___since was stolen we'll have to go with the geo, xoom, and tripod pages.

School meetings, clubs,ham radio and CB users__any and all ways of communicating the info about "America's Line: The Truth is Here!"

You might try calling your congressmen and senators but most likely they either have their head up their(?) or they have been assimilated(Borg Senators and Congressmen___this is why the "American Democractic System" failed___it was taken over from with-in).

What else? You might also try calling local public access tv producers about my story___and the net sites.

Any way we can promote this story is vital to the future growth of American(human) society.
We as American human beings on this planet have the "un-alienalble"(how come the word "alien" is embeded in that phrase?) right to know about the CESS-Alien Agency, its agenda, and how it is effecting our life and the future of our families, friends, and country.

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If you do not receive a response within a few days e-mail me: Wayne Manzo:
513-766-2003-1110(voice, Fax_prefer>
Cincinnati(Alien Agency City), OH

*And then if you still don't receive a response from me, the e-mail is being censored and you'll have to contact me some other way. wem(9-11-2000)

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