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Product Support Specialist
Lycos Domains, Tripod, Angelfire and htmlGEAR
Fax 781-466-7000

Re: Password for the "mrfec" Tripod Account
General Issues: Lost Password (KMM13543422V92255L0KM)

Dear Karen and Tripod support,

As I indicated before, the account was registered and developed
by me___and unfortunately, I recently found out that I don't have a copy of the
revised password. This is a problem since I want to revise the site.

Registration information I don't have but the site was registered by me using an
alias such as Cindy Evangelista or Paul Newman.

Below is information about me, that you already have, that confirms that I
am me. Hmmmm?

The account files are characteristic "Wayne Manzo" including many of
my photographs(funny, my backpack was stolen this morning along with what
was left of my photograhs___don't worry, I'll just take some more photos),
javascript files, and possible a few scans of my old New Jersey I.D.
____Hmmmmm? Also, the index page has a big
picture of me in front of the Chicago Art Museum taken back in 2001.

I also included a brief affidavit indicating that I registered the "mrfec" account
for whatever that is worth.

Wayne E. Manzo,
Date of Birth = 09-19-60
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


This Certifies that Waye E. Manzo, the publisher of "" registered the
Tripod-Lycos account named "mrfec" and that he, and only, he has the right


Wayne E. Manzo
Tuesday, May 07, 2002
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202