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Tenor Killed at the MET

Metropolitan Opera House,
Lincoln Center___
Friday, 1/5/96

Famous opera tenor Richard Versalle was killed during the opening scene where his character, the elderly law clerk Vitek was standing on a ten foot ladder and attempting to file a century old legal case.
As he sang the words:

"To bad you can only live so long"

he plunged to his death. Versalle apparently died of a heart attack but the context of his death indicates a quintessential ALIEN AGENCY HIT.

The "M Case", a Czech opera about an elixir that confers eternal youth, was written by Leos Janacek

Versalle was 63 and had a long career at the Metropolitan Opera House.
Jon Larson "Rent" down Unfairly!
He was SLICED by the
While waiting for the tea
to boil, his aorta


Baseball Umpire
John P. McSherry
UMPIRE MURDERED during opening game.
RED'S vs. MONTREAL EXPOS _April 1, 1996
They don't call'em
"REDS" for nothing!
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