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The Real Army-NASA-Agency Scandal

The persecution, political incarceration(and radiation experimentation)of an
innocent engineering student from NJ

America's Line: The Truth is Here!( was developed to expose a federal civil rights lawsuit/Army scandal that exposes atrocities not heard of since the Neuremberg war trials(radiation experimentation on healthy human beings)___but, upon investigation has developed into a even more controversial story


Collage of Defendants

Conspiracy of the CROSS(X)

The conspiratorial nature of the civil rights case and story is a result of the existence of another kind of culture, race, or species in American society.
The phrase typically used these days is the "CESS(Cultural Elite SS) Agency". Those that are "Agency" are conspiratorial by their cultural characteristics, behavioral capabilities, and agenda. This covert agenda consisting of the assimilation and/or exterminating of the human species.

And you we hoping for another CIA conspiracy! Well, the "Psycho CESS" are integrated in all the American intelligence(spy) agencies__and if you are aware of their technology__the CESS are running the show.

Its quite funny! The spies are being scanned by their CESS co-workers. And the human spooks don't have a clue concerning the information leak.
The biggest security risk(leak) to America is the human agent's CESS co-worker with the goofy ears(some have normal ears) that knows more about the agent then even he does. Neither does the human agent typically know that his CESS co-worker is also telepathically sending information in a multiplexed fashion. So much for tight security at Langley.

But what about Madonna and the entertainment industry. Uh Duh? Who do you think owns and works in that business? Based on my research, Madonna's has been involved in this game since 1984___and the game is "frame the human and let the CESS Alien Ageny "take him down"!
Wayne Manzo
The Army-NASA scandal began in 1987 when an engineering student from New Jersey was set-up, manipulated, played, into accepting a civilian aerospace intern position with the U.S. Army Propulsion Directorate at NASA-Lewis Research Center.
NASA-Lewis Research Center is located adjacent to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio. Lewis is world reknown for aero-engine research and design analysis.
(After reading you'll find that Lewis is "CESS Alien Agency" and is also world reknown for destroying human beings.

USAPD Director: John Acurio, Chief Aero Components: Ret. Col. Gilbert Weden, Senior Engineers: Peter Meitner, Mark Valco, Engineering Intern: Teresa Kline conspired along with the other defendants in order to have Wayne Manzo framed by the CESS(Cultural Elite SS) Alien Agency.
Wayne was framed, tried, and convicted without due process nor even told what his crime was.

The CESS Alien Agency framed, caught and convicted Wayne as being a 100% human being. This is not acceptable at NASA-Lewis because Lewis is an all "CESS Alien Agency" research center.

His sentence is that of slavery on the street with the very possibility of being given the death penalty. This is called giving a human a "complete military commital"___meaning that the human's life is terminated with the use of violence.

The Army (Vehicle) Propulsion Directarate is located at the NASA-Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio. The Propulsion Directorate's name was changed to theVehicle Propulsion Directorate Dr. Robert Bill replaced John Acurio as Director.

The U.S. Army Propulsion Directorate is located at the NASA-Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio. The Propulsion Directorate's name was changed to The Vehicle Propulsion Directorate. Dr. Robert Bill replaced John Acurio as Director.
Within the last few years the "NASA-Lewis Research Center" has changed its name to the "NASA-Glenn Research Center". The name change was allegedly in commemoration to astronaut and Senator John Glenn. In actuality the name change was a result of two conflicting reasons. The first being to remove the name "Lewis" from the reseach center's name___although it is still commonly referred to as "Lewis". The second is the encoded meaning of the word "Glenn".
As you read deaper into and the investigation of this story you'll learn how the names are used to encode messages. Clue: interpret "lenn" as lyin___g! More on that subject later. Also, there is an "editorial page" on the research center's previous name__refer to editorials link on the main menu.

Why was the intern student set-up? His wealthy, estranged(CESS?) family hates him because they think he's gay (human), and because his name was on a "list"__sort-a like the anti-thesis of the Schindler's list.
When he was a political prisoner in Nevada and being experimented on___similar to the work of Dr. Joseph Mengele___ the student was called "Nazi" and "Hitler". Note: the student was also referred to as "Hitler" by Dr. Gulan, Head of the fitness program at Lewis back in 1988.
Are these valid reasons to frame an aspiring young aerospace engineer, chemically castrate him and sentence him to a life of continuous physical and psychological torture__ living as a destitute wanderer on the mean streets of America's major cities?

So, a wealthy vindictive family that hates gays is a plausible reason for the students persecution and poverty? Maybe, maybe not! The dominant reason for the student being framed at Lewis, and the "seemingly collective conspiratorial manner in which this was accomplished", can be determined by focusing an investigation on that group that maintains such a list.
Who are they? Where do they come from? Why are they here? And why do they hunt human beings? Ahhhhhhh____I think I gave away too much information. A subject matter such as this requires the slow and methodical discovery process. This material is not easily digested by American citizens(human beings)___even long in the tooth anthropologists, sociologists, and behavioral science professionals must often struggle with the facts before they finally surrender to the truth.

Human beings, may not be the superior species here on Earth and that, to the "other race or species", we humans are considered inferior, retarded animals__if you will.

And are either transformed(assimilated) or hunted, enslaved, and killed as prey

Impossible you say! We are all humans here on Earth. From China to Australia and from New York to the Phillipines___we are all humans.

Again, the concept of an alien race on Earth is difficult to comprehend but remember, as a thinking human being, if you were a superior alien race and desired to integrate into human society(for what-ever purpose)___ what physical form would you establish yourself as?
Man's best friend the dog? Maybe, maybe not! If I were a smart alien race I would disguise myself as "Man's other best friend"____his mate.

That's right___the alien race is embeded in human society___the "CESS Alien Psycho Race" is almost a physical reflecton, a mirror image, of the human race. In effect, if you wanted to hide or blend in the spherical goldfish bowl called Earth___you would want yourself to resemble a goldfish. The real horror is that those goldfish impersonators have the killing instinct and capability of Piranna.
Jonathan Frakes of the popular 1990's television series(and motion pictures), Star Trek: The Next Generaton made a tv program concerning the Roswell Incident. The program aired in 1997 and was called The Alien Autopsy. If I recall correctly, Frakes made numerous implications concerning the fact that if the aliens are here then they most probably look like you and me.

And, as this news story unfolds, this same concept or idea will arise over and over again. What kind of human beings would frame a poor engineering student, put him in a comatose state, chase him around the country, chemically castrate him, and keep him on the streets of the major American cities for more than seven years___and keep on threatening him with genital mutilation, maiming, and violent murder.

Human beings don't behave in this type of vicious, psycho, collective fashion; unless the circumstances are extremely severe__and even then it is very unusual. So who or what are they? They are aliens! Their behavior is characteristic of their race or species based on their assimilation into human society as Predators of Man

Jonathan Frakes

As this story unfolds the reader will find that the student was lured to NASA-Lewis Research Center via the U.S. Army's employment offer The reader will find that NASA-Lewis is CESS Alien Agency. CESS being the acronym for "Cultural Elite SS". The CESS are a different "race" of people and they fear(hate) human beings, human behavior, and the whole concept of individualism and democracy.

The fear of humans is a natural side-effect of maintaining a policy, or agenda, of enslavement, assimilation (transformation), or extermination of the human species.
Throughout human history there are very clear instances of the CESS Psycho Race getting caught by the human race. The consequence is always swift and horrific.
So, the student was offered the bogus employment position in order to lure him into proximity with the U.S. Army and the CESS Agency (refer to editorials concerning book excerpt from the 70's). The CESS agency fears human beings___and considers every human being a potential Hitler. Why? Because human beings, based on their beliefs and values, cannot accept the agenda of the CESS RACE___especially the fact that part of agenda is assimilation and/or extermination of all human beings that the CESS come into contact with(Have I made this point clear enough?).
Those humans who are not CESS are considered a threat, a sub-species and retarded___ and according to their policy, retarded or inferior species get destroyed.

So, the student(human) was played to the NASA-Lewis Research Center where he worked with CESS Psychos____whose only purpose was to frame the outsider(human) and force the CESS Alien Agency to attack him and "take him down unfairly".

Such a simply explanation in such a complex world. Unfortunately, the above explanation is perhaps total truth!

Dan Goldin(NASA)
NASA Director:
Dan Goldin(NASA-Photo)
The NASA administrator at Lewis was Dr. John Klinberg. The engineering student discussed the hostile environment he was facing at the Army office with him and tried to illicit his help in transferring into a NASA division. John Klinberg quickly left Lewis for a position at NASA-Goddard and, according to Aviation Week and Space Technology, he is currently working in the private sector. Note: Dan Goldin a former administrator at NASA-Lewis is now head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and engineer Pete Meitner is Chief of the aero components division(a position that he probably would not have obtain without his willing involvement in the set-up).

References from Andy Warhol's Diary that coincide with student's accusations concerning being drugged or some other form of mind manipulation
The engineering student never applied to the U.S. Army for a position; the job offer was a set-up__similar to the senarios seen on the tv program "Mission Impossible". It appears as if the Army Propulsion Directorate has a history of seting up employees and destroying them. This is the definitive question!

The engineering student was framed(set-up)at NASA-Lewis and then used in some sort of CIA/SS game that makes the movie Three Days of the Condor seem like Heidi!

GoodYear Tire While at NASA, he was given a brain-wash drug (they call it putting a person to sleep!), was repeatedly threatened by his co-workers, then wrongly terminated, (even though he received excellent progress reports and was a good employee.) and his co-worker Teresa Kline(GoodYear-Akron)said that he exposed himself to her. Teresa Kline(if that is her real name) is what is known as a CESS Agency Nazi bitch, a Jewish American Princess, and what people in the investigative business refer to as "a plant". She is allegedly from a wealthy Akron family and she had no business working as an engineering intern at NASA(NSA?)-Lewis. She arrived on the job shortly after Wayne Manzo started working(Dec 1997). Although both Wayne Manzo and Teresa Kline where hired as intern aero-space engineers____Ms. Kline's job description was considerably more covert and dirty. Her primary purpose or role was to "assist" in getting Wayne Manzo framed by the CESS Agency___and then thrown out of society; the ultimate goal being incarceration for life and or a full military commital(violent murder).

(similar to the false accusations levied against Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas and Montell Williams). The student was chased from Cleveland back to Bergen County New Jersey where the defendants and their agents initiated a campaign of extreme defamation, invasion of privacy, and physical torture.

Legal and Administrative Action Taken to
Stop Army Retaliation
NY Federal Courthouse(Brooklyn) NJ Federal Courthouse(Newark)

The student tried to file an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint in 1990 in response to the Army's retaliatory tactics...they locked him up the day before he could mail the EEOC complaint. This was the first time the student was illegally incarcerated as a political prisoner. Note: Defendant Brian Manzo(and others) conspired with the Army defendants facilitating the illegal incarcerated; i.e. Brian Manzo provided fraudulent documents to the authorities. It should also be noted that Brian Manzo was employed for SRA International, Arlington, VA, during this period. The company's CEOs are retired military brass and retired DOD(Assistant Sec. of Defense) employees.

Approximately one year later(1992) the student filed a federal civil rights complaint CV-92-3553(Newark) which resulted in the student being chased across the country and detained as a politicalprisoner in Las Vegas Nevada for 360 days___Col. Gilbert Weden appeared at the Henderson, NV jail and said that they were going to kill him!
Reference Editorials concerning interesting evidence about Col Kurtz(Weden) and some other major players who have made the headlines.

The student was purposely denied counsel and procedural due proces. He was released from the illegal incarceration(360 days) on November 5, 1994 when a Las Vegas attorney intervened. The student was chemically castrated and continually tortured while incarcerated___when he left the Clark County Detention Center he had dropped from a weight of 165 pounds down to that of 140 and look like an Auschwitz Survivor.
It would appear that the intervening attorney was not a "good Samaritan" or "Do Gooder" but was a CESS-Agency plant.
If the attorney had not intervened the student would have been release from jail via a federal habeus corpus petition which had already been filed; and in addition to gaining his freedom, the student's name, and case information, would have made the law books and he would have quite possible, finally, obtained story coverage via the main stream news media.

All of this would have equated to a very sensational and lucrative civil rights complaint against Clark County, Nevada. Instead, the student was released and the intervening attorney refused to take his civil rights case against the county concerning the illegal incarceration, the illegal chemical experimentation, and other rights violations. The student was left homeless, friendless, and once again___on the mean streets of a strange city___Las Vegas.

Clark County Courthouse, Las Vegas The Eighth Judicial Court Judge (Dept. 13, Judge Thomas Foley), Clark County, died shortly after presiding over the case. Judge Foley allegedly died of some rare brain disease. Hmmmm? Based on information about the CESS Alien Race___Judge Foley's death, and its timing, sounds like foul play(reference Chicago Tribune and television movie critic Gene Siskel, People Magazine, 1999).

Another interesting investigation concerns the various bizare news stories that occurred during the students illegal incarceration in Nevada(1993-1994). Clue: President Bill Clinton's White House Chief Counsel's death, Vince Foster, was not suicide.
While the student was illegally incarcerated he was tortured continously and illegally experimented on. He was also given food food containing radioactive isotopes(they called it "heavy metal", "hot sauce" and "liquid love") which resulted in his chemical castration. They said they were going to make him straight! (An interesting note is that the students oldest sister, and defendant, Kathryn Jederlinich, knew of the plan to castrate(genocide) him. During a telephone conversation in 1989, deft Jederlinich told the student that he "could always adopt" and "that he was going to be sterilized".)

What is the connection between the student's incarceration and the somewhat bizare news stories that occured during the same period? It must be remembered that the Psycho CESS Agency's game of hunting humans is to eventually get them incarcerated and while incarcerated__a complete military commital is performed___this entails(no pun intended) taking the human to the kitchen where he is, shall we say, processed!

A wise investigator would search through those news stories and try and find links to this particular case and the students incarceration. Similar names, situations, dates, automobiles, even faces___these similarities are calling cards of the "Psycho CESS Alien Agency".

The Eternal Flame of Knowledge and Humanity Shall Remain Lit!
Make it So, Number 1!