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Invasion of America by the "God Race"
Invasion of America by the "God Race"
Celebrity Collage created by Wayne E. Manzo when he was a prisoner of the Chicago Martian Hive. Selling the Chicago Sun Times and Chicago Tribune on the streets in downtown Chicago while sleeping under Michigan Avenue or in Grant Park. Then working the Chicago Tribune delivery trucks at the joke Tribune "Freedom Center" on West Chicago Ave. All the Tribune delivery drivers are KLAN Martian Scumbags who attack and torture "Gentiles, Humans" who are stupid enough to work with them. The celebrity human rights leader, Wayne Manzo, would leave the Tribune delivery trucks in the morning in a Martian induced brain fog because the Martian KLAN-Aliens can't handle human thought. These KLAN-Aliens are brain invaders or scanners and are exterminating the "Gentile" human race.
America's Line: The Truth is Here!

The "Alien Agency" and the "Alien Race" have infiltrated, and taken control of the United States and its cultural institutions. The "RACE" has implemented a policy of KILLING Americans(human beings) and replacing them with aliens. These aliens are either revived dead humans with facial modifications, "alien changlings", or the actual human assimilated into the "Alien Race". Assimilation is via brain modification along with organ and tissue genetic re-coding(they essentially become aliens in every sense of the word).

The technology utilized by the "Alien Agency" is orders of magnitude advanced of human technology. The cause of this large technology gap is the "iron fist" control of information and distribution of scientific Information(read: CIA-Alien Race) and this includes the fake information highway known as the "internet".

As stated, the "Alien Agency" controls the information sources and this implies the control of human minds. Referring to "George Orwells'" book "1984", Orwell was warning the human race of the dehumanizing and controlling effects resulting from and "Alien Agency" form of government.

Once the "Alien Agency" is allowed to infiltrate a form of government based on constitutional rights and democratic principles__alien technology is utilized(implemented) creating the illusion or facade of democracy and freedom. Behind the facade of personal freedom and civil rights is the "systematic genocide" and "enslavement" of human beings and the "creation" of a collective, telepathic, emotionless "Bee" slave race!

This investigative news magazine exposes the "Alien Agency", its methods, and agenda via the investigation of America's only "real" federal civil rights "Slavery-Death Penalty case" in conjunction with the analysis of American society and culture. The "American Dream" is not American and the dream has morphed or assimilated into a nightmare for human America.

This report was based on an in-depth study in the United States of America during a period spanning approximately 11 years.

The information provided is for those with the proper security clearances. All information is accurate and verifiable.

An in-depth analysis of the existence of a collectively thinking telepathic alien race that has assimilated into human society was initiated in 1989 by the "AMERICAN HUMAN INTELLIGENCE AGENCY(AHIA)".

The alien race was found to control all information sources and information distribution in America and had created various sophisticated economic monopolies via the use of alien technology in order to fabricate false economic markets.

It was also determined that the alien race had created the fascade of a democratic constitutional form of government by assimilating and destroying human beings and by complete control of the news media.

Continued domination of human society by the "Alien Race" will result in:

Author: Wayne E. Manzo, PhD
Special Agent,
American Human Intelligence Agency [AHIA]
June 2009, Santa Monica, CA
January 2006 Orlando, Florida
October 2005 Columbus, Ohio
October 2004, Columbus, Ohio
October 2003 Columbus, Ohio
December 2002 Cincinnati, Ohio
The Sunday Tribune ran this article on the front page. "Stabbing victim with no surface skin damage, no surface lacerations, no surface incisions, no broken skin, yet the cause of death was ruled "a stabbing". Welcome to Martian KLAN Chicago. The evil aliens in Chi-Town(and othe Martian Klan Hive Cities) have the capability to cut into the bodies of Gentiles(humans) without creating surface wounds. This is how the Martian KLAN race "puts down" or exterminates human beings they don't like. Slice into the heart muscles and "voila" instant heart attack(Ref: Mayor Harold Washington, Judge Richard Gumbel, Cook County Probate Judge, met the same fate in Chicago. Slice into a major blood vessel and you get Arterial aneurysms that eventually burst. A clever alien assasssins time bomb. Or slice into the prostate, rectum, or mammary glands that results in a fatality ten years later. How clever these KLAN Aliens are. The KLAN or "God Race" wiped all the human Gentiles in Chicago and other major KLAN-Hive cities. And, those Gentiles that are existing in these MIlitary Hives are slaves waiting to be eaten.
People Magazine "Motrin" advertisement December 20, 1999. This is a great advertisement that blatantly exposes the Martian KLAN invasion and the "Alien Agenda". Human Gentiles being used as "Breeders" for the the evil KLAN race. How man Gentile men realized that the women they were dating weren't real women but KLAN Aliens whose only purpose being the extermination of human beings by breeding so-called hybrids which hate Gentiles and would eventually further wipe out the human population. Weapons of mass destruction disguised as sexy women and men. How clever these aliens are.
"Westworld" was a 1973 movie directed by Michael Crichton and released by MGM Studios and was received as a sci-fi movie about a "Resort City" that is populated with robots where human beings can have their way with them without any retaliation. Various genre themes such as Western World are available to the resort guest where the human beings are always allowed to win over their robot conterparts. In Western World, we find a glich in technology and the robots retaliate against the human beings. The "Yul Brenner" robot who is repeatedly shot and repaired suddenly becomes a faster shooter than the humans and shoots them. In our KLAN-Alien world we humans are the robots that are controlled and shot by the Martian KLAN-Aliens. We get diseases and die of heart attacks, cancer, blood clots, tumors, AIDS, HIV, etc... And not to mention fatal accidents that are also caused by the KLAN-Aliens having their way with the Gentile human slaves killing and maiming them for sport and pleasure. Will the Gentiles ever fight back against the "God Race"?