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Editor and Publisher: Wayne E. Manzo, PhD
Editor and Publisher: Wayne E. Manzo, PhD
BattleLA 2011 shows Santa Monica being invaded by an alien race. This is art impersonating life because Santa Monica, Venice, and all of LA County is part of the huge ZionNakki mothership or Martian Klan Hive. They are all collective, connected, telepathic, and can torture human beings like there were animals to be destroyed and this is the same policy that you find of the Zionists who talk about the Gentiles who have no rights and must be cheated, enslaved, and exterminated. Santa Monica might as well be Cairo, city of the Dead, because there are not human left here.
Why "Contact US" is Globally Censored
Censored WWW Publisher and TV Producer-Host: Wayne E. Manzo, PhD is traveling around Southern California looking for a TV Production Team to work on his TV Series "Contact US" X-Posing the God Race in America. If you don't know we are living with a telepathic, collective, race then you are in for a big awakening.

YouTube "Wayne Manzo" or "wmansue" for samples of the program "Contact US". CU Segments: "Academy Awards 2010, Mel Gibson's 2007 Arrest, Sequel to FFC Apocalypse Now, Andrew "Boner" Koenig" Suicide or Murder?, Satan Monica, CA(Zombie Land), etc...

PAYPAL Contributions via email address If you have a credit card you can easily send a PayPal payment to this email address. Visit "" or Google "Sending a Paypal payment". Humans are not allowed to work or earn money in Martian Klan America if they know that the Martian Klan has taken over the country and controls the money supply and distribution. Contributions, Donations, are needed because of the Iron Fist control of the Martian Klan and it's Evil Agenda against human man.,,, and are offline because the web host "Host Department" is Martian Klan and they don't want to host the site anymore. Numerous illegal account hacking has occurred and HD allowed the files to be corrupted. A new web-host is needed for audio, video, and html pages.

Details about previous Federal Civil Rights Complaints filed by the Publisher and former NASA Engineer, Wayne Manzo, PhD, Google
"Wayne Manzo Civil Rights Lawsuit"
From Santa Monica and San Luis Obispo(city developed by a Martian named Alex Madonna__believe it or not),

Wayne E. Manzo, PhD
June 11, 2011
Santa Monica, CA

The only REAL Aliens on Earth Reality Show
Apocalypse Now II, Military Law
Ziontology's CCHR Citizen's Commission on Human Rights Psychiatry Museum or Musem of Death is located on Sunset Blvd off of Vine Street in Holly-Wood labotomize any Gentile that wants to work in the film industry. This museum is really a very proud display of how the ZionNakkis used to exterminate the human Gentiles using their fake field of psychiatry. What a money making racket. And, this is what CIA Klan Ron Hubbard recognized when he started Ziontology figuring the ZionNakkis were ramping up their extermination machine and were going to make billions__why not cash in on some of that action. Human Gentiles were flocking to the churches and mental health field and people in these cult industries were making millions. Hubbard figured why not a cult that stresses mental health as a religion. The genius of the Martian Klan CIA. And, Ziontology was born. But, how do you get potential clients away from psychiatry? Say your fake psychiatry and religion is better then theirs. Then use the fake courts to release the victims attacked by ZionNakkis and incarcerated and drugged by psychiatry to the inner city streets where most of the Ziontology churches are located__then just vacuum them up and rake in the money. Then, throw out the human Gentiles and get billions from the ZionNakki race. Hey, this is better then selling cell phone technology to a ZionNakki race of telepaths!
"Celebrity Collage" created by Publisher and Human Rights Leader "Wayne E. Manzo, PhD who was thrown out of society by the ZionNakki Race or Super God Race after he was played into a trap job a Zionist NASA Lewis Research Center. Manzo was actually stolen from the maternity ward at Jersey City's Christ hospital as a newborn and raised as a "Gentile Sucker" in Jewish controlled Teaneck, NJ. The parents were fakes, the kids were ZionNakki, and the relatives were ZionNakkis or Martian Klan. From womb to tomb played by ZionNakkis and this is how they destroy Gentiles in America. Teaneck is near New York City but is considered the burbs in Jersey. Raised by a ZionNakki family and surrounded by ZionNakkis until captured at NASA Lewis and thrown out of society to the mean ZionNakki inner city streets. Had Manzo made contact with other Gentiles he would have become a "Wise-Goy" and not ended up homeless and countryless since America is owned and controlled by the ZionNakki.

According to the Talmut or the Laws of Zion, Gentiles have no rights in America and aren't allowed to earn money, own property, or have Gentile children of their own. Gentiles, are hunted like animals, surrounded by ZionNakki, used as breaders of ZionNakki kids after their sperm is altered, and then thrown out__all without having a clue that they have been enslaved by a super telepathic collective "God Race". Welcome to America.

Homeless on the streets of Chicago, the Publisher and former NASA engineer ended up selling ZionNakki media in the form of Chicago Tribunes and Sun Times and then ended up working with the ZionNakki on the Chicago Tribune trucks. The ZionNakki will always pay the Gentile nearly nothing and will always torture the unsuspecting soul who is stupid enough to work for the ZionNakkis. Heart disease, joint disease, tumors, ulcers, cancer, all result from exposure to the ZionNakki via employment.
America's Line: The Truth is Here!

The "Alien Zion Agency" and the "Alien ZionNakki Race" have infiltrated, and taken control of the United States and its cultural institutions. The "RACE" has implemented a policy of KILLING human "Gentiles" and replacing them with ZionNakki aliens or reanimated dead humans controlled by ZionNakkis. The "Alien Agenda" is the assimilation of the ZionNakki Super Race into human America and the technology the ZionNakki are utilizing, this technology, makes it very simple for the ZionNakki to invade and conquer America__which is now a ZionNakki empire.

Psychiatry and Religion were utilized to throw out millions of human "Gentiles" under the guise of mental illness or soul possession by satan or the devil. Human "Gentiles" that are exposed to the super race and who don't approve of the "Alien Agenda" are attacked, tortured and the symptoms of these attacks are consistent with the definitions of mental illness found in the APA( ZionNakki Psychiatric Association ) DSM( Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders )

The technology utilized by the "Alien Agency" is orders of magnitude advanced of human technology. The cause of this large technology gap is the "iron fist" control of information and distribution of scientific Information(read: CIA-Alien Race) and this includes the fake information highway known as the "internet". The ZionNakki race is a super race whose policy and manifesto mirrors that of Zionism and based on this human beings, Gentiles, or Goys, have no rights, are considered animals, cannot have human children, are not allowed to earn or save money, and are to be exploited and sold as slaves and then destroyed and their flesh, bones, and blood sold so that the Gentiles life can be justified as bringing profit to the ZionNakki race. This is the only way the Gentiles are tolerated by the ZionNakki race.

Those human "Gentiles" or "Goys" that were not acceptable to the ZionNakki were, and are, systematically exterminated or cleaned from the United States. This is defined as "Eugenics" and is very similar to what the "Eugenics Policy" advocated by German dictator "Adolf Hitler" where Gentiles were exterminated in favor of the ZionNakki super race. In the United States the ZionNakki utilize their high technology to cause disease and fatal accidents to reduce the population of Gentiles instead of systematic extermination with gas chambers and ovens. Aids, HIV, Cancer, Brain Tumors, etc... all caused by the existence of the ZionNakki in human American society.

Addition to the lethal technology the ZionNakki are utilizing to exterminate human Gentiles in America the ZionNakki are a "Telepathic, Collective, Mind Controlling" super race which makes it extremely difficult for human Gentiles to compete with them for employment. Human Gentiles are thus used as working class slaves and are usually payed at a lower pay scale. Additionally, human Gentiles are prevented from forming associations with other human Gentiles and are totally controlled by the ZionNakki.

The ZionNakki, on the other-hand, control all the money flow in America, control all the banks, all the jobs, transportation, etc... Human Gentiles that are in power positions are usually killed and replaced with ZionNakki look-alikes or they are re-animated and their corpses are controlled by the ZionNakki making them virtual muppets or puppets to the super race. The Entertainment and News Industries are fake and are used to distribute billions in free money to ZionNakkis who control and are employed by the fake media. This fake business provides a seamless method of laundering free money to ZionNakki without the human Gentiles figuring out that those in the Entertainment and News industry are not working or producing any useful consumable product while being paid billions in free money from where? The Federal Reserve.

The formation of the "Federal Reserve" was the litmus test that the ZionNakki were taking over the United States. All American currency is supplied to the US Treasury from the Federal Reserve but this currency is actually sold to the US Treasury for distribution to US banks for distribution and for budgetary purposes. This means that the US government is always in debt to the Federal Reserve, a bank owned by the ZionNakki. This is absurd because all national debt is owed to the Federal Reserve, a ZionNakki business entity and that means the ZionNakki own America. He who owns the Gold, owns the country!

As stated, the "Alien Agency" or ZionNakki controls the information sources and this implies the control of human minds. Referring to "George Orwells'" book "1984", Orwell was warning the human race of the dehumanizing and controlling effects resulting from and "Alien Agency" form of government.

Once the "Alien Agency" is allowed to infiltrate a form of government based on constitutional rights and democratic principles__alien technology is utilized(implemented) creating the illusion or facade of democracy and freedom. Behind the facade of personal freedom and civil rights is the "systematic genocide" and "enslavement" of human beings and the "creation" of a collective, telepathic, emotionless "Bee" slave race!

This investigative news magazine exposes the "Alien Agency", its methods, and agenda via the investigation of America's only "real" federal civil rights "Slavery-Death Penalty case" in conjunction with the analysis of American society and culture. The "American Dream" is not American and the dream has morphed or assimilated into a nightmare for human Gentiles.

This report was based on an in-depth study in the United States of America during a period spanning over 15 years on the streets of the ZionNakki hive cities.

The ZionNakki race was found to control all information sources and information distribution in America and had created various sophisticated economic monopolies via the use of alien technology in order to fabricate false economic markets.

It was also determined that the alien race had created the fascade of a democratic constitutional form of government by assimilating and destroying human beings and by complete control of the news and entertainment industries, medical profession, law, education, etc...

Continued domination of human society by the "ZionNakki Race" will result in:

Author: Wayne E. Manzo, PhD
Special Agent, "Contact US",
Human Intelligence Agency [HIA]
June 2009, Santa Monica, CA
January 2006 Orlando, Florida
October 2005 Columbus, Ohio
October 2004, Columbus, Ohio
October 2003 Columbus, Ohio
December 2002 Cincinnati, Ohio
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